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Product Description

Product Description

BMT-12 4mm White Kendo Tare



This Bogu Tare is made up of white cow leather, and the decoration leather and side leather are all made by hand sewing. This is also the bogu that you spend lots on the craftsman, but with more economical material to save the cost. If you are looking for bogu with cheap cost and also looks smart, this will be one of your best choices. 

Material and Design Detail

Tare-- 6 embroidery lines, White Cow Leather (edge & Buton)

Indigo Material --#6,000

OnlineKendo Tips



  1. This bogu Tare are using imitation leather as main material, so the price is much cheaper when comparing with Japanese deer leather bogu. And the color of this leather doesn't ran off shortly, in fact it's quite last. So, it's a good bogu to buy.
  2. This Tare comes with standard 4mm stitching, 3mm or special 4mm stitching are available with option cost.
  3. This bogu Tare  belong to medium design model, Online Kendo suggest kendoka to choose A5 , B1, B2 embroidery types.
  4. As fully custom made bogu, this bogu will take about 3~5 weeks to make, and 1 week on shipping.
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  Measurement A :
Average for Men: 59

Average for Women: 56
  Measurement B :
Average for Men: 70
Average for Women: 67
  Measurement C :
Average for Men: 40
Average for Women: 36
  Measurement D :
Average for Men: 21

Average for Women: 19
  Measurement E :
Average for Men: 21
Average for Women: 19

Body Size
  Hight : CM
  Weight : KG
  Waist : CM


(BMT-12) White Kendo Tare
Category: Tare
Product Code: BMT-12
Weight: 2.2KG
Price(US): $